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Are The Umbers Traitors, Or Are They Plotting For The Starks?

Smalljon Umber, son of Greatjon Umber, was introduced in the third episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. The Umbers, known as a loyal house to the Starks, where Rickon went in hiding since Season 3, had suddenly turned cloak and headed to Winterfell to seek help from Ramsey Bolton, offering Rickon Stark as a gift of loyalty.

But what if there is more than meets the eye here? What if the Umbers were actually acting a ruse to infiltrate the Boltons, acting as “double agents”, and eventually avenge the Starks? Many hints so far in the series lead to that theory as being a plausible one:

The Umbers And Their Oaths

via HBO
via HBO

The Umbers are chosen by Bran to have Rickon go in hiding in season 3 for 2 very specific reasons: their loyalty to the Starks, and their beliefs in their oaths.

Having Smalljon refuse to bend the knee or pledge allegiance to Ramsey in the 2nd episode of the 6th season (aptly called “Oathbreaker”) might just be a move fueled by pride that the Umbers have towards their Oaths and Honor. By never pledging anything to Ramsey, he could not feel like an Oathbreaker himself when it’s time to strike back in the name of the Starks.

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  1. Baer Bradford

    Umbers or Karstark? “the allegiance of House Karstark is then the defining factor on who has the advantage in the North between the Starks and the “.


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