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The 15 Most Satisfying Moments In Game Of Thrones

Seven long years have passed since HBO’s Game of Thrones first aired the silver screen, and in all of that time many satisfying moments occurred. Whether it be a deceased character being avenged or a character coming out on top after having endured hardships, the moment has happened. We have composed a list of 15 of the most satisfying moments that we all know we enjoyed watching.

The Reunion Of Jon Snow & Sansa Stark

via HBO
via HBO

7 long years had passed since the cousins, believed to be half siblings – Jon Snow and Sansa Stark – had last seen each other before he rode north to join the brothers of the Nights Watch and she rode south to Kings Landing to further her courtship with Joffrey Baratheon.

Sansa – having escaped her abusive husband Ramsay Bolton in the last episode of season 5 – ventured to Castle Black in season 6, where Jon was believed to still have been the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch.

Weary and tired, the believed to be last member of House Stark, Sansa rode into the courtyard of Castle Black and dismounted nervously as the brothers of the Nights Watch and wildings stared at her with curiosity.

She looked around until she caught sight of Jon Snow standing on the ramparts. Without taking his eyes off of her, he made his way down the stairs and onto the courtyard. They stared at each other bewilderedly before fiercely embracing as the House Stark theme swelled in the background.

Daenerys Takes The Khalasar

via HBO
via HBO

Having been captured by the Khalasar in the last episode of season 5, Daenerys Targaryen was taken back to Vaes Dothrak where her fate was to be decided by the many Khal’s who had gathered there.

When she was brought before the Khal’s, they began to discuss what to do with her including taking turns raping her or giving her to the Masters of Yunkai. She, talking in fluent Dothraki, told them about the promises Khal Drogo made her the last time she was there.

They mocked her but she told them they were small men who were not fit to lead the Dothraki people but she was. They told her they would definitely rape her as well as let their bloodriders do so as well but she merely smiled and placed her hands on the fit pits.

She told them they would not serve her, they would die, before pushing all of the pits over which caused the temple to be engulfed in flames. As she stepped out of the burning temple unharmed, the Dothraki bowed to their new leader.

Daario Naharis Joins Daenerys’ Cause

via HBO
via HBO

While Daenerys was bathing, Daario Naharis, Ed Skrein version, snuck in her tent and held Missandei at knife point. It seemed as though he was going to kill her but he released her and revealed himself. He – under Daenerys command – let her go.

They discuss why he is there and he reveals that he killed his captains, who wanted him to kill Daenerys. He explains why she should trust him and as he does, she steps out of the bath and is dressed by Missandei.

He withdraws his sword and bows before her, pledging his sword, lie and heart to her and her cause.

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