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Tyrion, Jon, and Daenerys: The Three Headed Dragon Theory

The resemblances and parallels between these three characters are uncanny. They go beyond mere coincidences, and definitely connect them in a way that makes them the key component of the entire A Song of Ice and Fire/Game Of Thrones story.

Obviously, this into account the R+L=J theory which is only a few episodes/chapters away from being confirmed once and for all about Jon Snow’s parentage and the events that occurred at the Tower of Joy at the end of Robert’s Rebellion, 20 years before the current events of the story.

Parallels between Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys go as follows, and they are plenty:

They Are Outcasts In Their Own Way:

via HBO
via HBO

– Tyrion is a Dwarf

– Jon is a Bastard

– Daenerys is a Female Exile

They Each Descend From A Different Lineage Of Humans

via HBO
via HBO

– Tyrion descends from the Andals

– Jon descends from the First Men

– Daenerys descends from Old Valyrian

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  1. Peacemonky

    Pretty cool. I never realized all three had two older siblings- “child of three!”

    • GOT SuperFan

      But the theory that Tyrion is the illegitimate son of the Mad King contradicts this observation. If Tyrion really is the Mad King’s son, then Daenerys is the fourth child. These are cool observations and theories, but they seem to contradict each other if you look closely.

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  2. Elki

    The supposed occasion of Aery’s Targaeryan taking his claim to take Johanna Lannister’s maidenhood upon her marriage to Tywin Lannister means that if that is so, Cersei and Jaime are half Targaeryans not Tyrion.

  3. BCR

    Season One’s big reveal was that the hair color of Cercei’s children proved that their father was a Lannister, not a Baratheon. All Targaryens have platinum hair. Jon has the hair of a Baratheon. How does your theory explain that?

    • Akkad47

      He has the Hair of a Stark! It seems that in Westeros Genetics, Stark and Baratheon genes are dominant, while Targaryen genes are recessive. Which would explain why the Targaryens always wed and procreated amongst themselves…

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      • BCR

        Where is the evidence that “Stark and Baratheon genes are dominant, while Targaryen genes are recessive”? Season 1 ended up revolving around hair color, and Ned Stark lost his head over it.

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        • GOT SuperFan

          Umm… because it is scientifically proven. Just because they didn’t have the scientific advances back then to prove genetics, doesn’t mean that they weren’t able to make observations and draw conclusions. Anybody that has taken a middle-school level science class nowadays would know that Jon only has dark hair because his Stark genes dominate over his Targaryen genes in regard to hair color. I think it is heavily implied that real-world genetics applies to this storyline even though this is a work of fiction.

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    • Mac

      In the books, the Targaryen hair is shown to be from recessive genes. This is most prominently pointed out by Baelor Breakspear and his son, Vaalar, having dark hair of their mother/grandmother’s Dornish line. John taking after his mother would make sense. Tyrion has one eyes that is said to be a dark purple and golden/platinum hair. This bit makes sense.

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  4. Traildude Paul


    GOT is a story that was written as medieval history & fairy tales have been written. Medieval history is basically a genealogy of royalty & fairy tales are the handsome prince & the beautiful princess. The common people rarely enter into either one.
    Asha may have been a mere side character in the series, but she was almost the only one with no ties to either royalty or the landed gentry. She is a simple wildling girl that proved to be brave, loyal, & resourceful. Her death after shortly reappearing in the series was almost like an afterthought. Maybe the death toll was not numerous enough for the time & was merely used to bulk up the body count. If this story ends with just royal blood lines in charge again, I might consider this as just another fairy-tale ending. So I ask: Who Mourns For Asha?

  5. Scott Hoffmann

    Heres the thing, if you remember the 3 eyed raven before he died told Bran he would never walk ahain but he would fly. Do not remember the exact episode.

  6. FredQ

    So disappointed the TV show outpaced the books….and changed/omitted so many things. I realize they are 2 distinct projects, but over time, the stories are becoming muddled, confusing and misleading.


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