Robert’s Rebellion And Why It Matters In Game Of Thrones

Part I Of III On Robert’s Rebellion: The Complete Timeline And Events!

Believe it or not, one of the best storylines in “Game Of Thrones” and “A Song Of Ice And Fire” just so happens to not occur in any of the books nor the HBO show. We are talking of course, of Robert Baratheon’s Rebellion against the Iron Throne, held by the Targaryens for almost 3 centuries, before claiming it as his.

What led to these events? And how did this entire story line, worthy of its own Spinoff Season (A Movie would barely cover all of its events), affect the events of Westeros and leave the climate we are left with when Season 1 of the show, or the first pages of the first book “A Game Of Thrones” both begin.

How The Seven Kingdoms Were Before It All Began:

by Amoka
by Amoka

At this point, in time, the Targaryen dynasty still ruled over Westeros. Almost 300 years had passed since Aegon I Targaryen had invaded Westeros with his Dragons, and had all the other families of the Seven Kingdoms in line with his.

via HBO
via HBO

King Aerys IV, aka “The Mad King”, sat on the throne. Continuing the Targaryen tradition of “keeping the bloodline pure”, having 3 children with his sister Rhaella: Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys (although Daenerys wasn’t born yet).¬†All these incestuous activities meant some of the Targaryens ended going bonkers. Aerys for example, enjoyed burning people alive to feel like a Dragon.

by Karla Ortiz
by Karla Ortiz

Since Rhaegar had no sisters yet to marry, he was betrothed to Elia Martell (sister of Princes Doran and Oberyn Martell), with which he had 2 children: Aegon (VI) and Rhaenys.

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  1. Ksab Jenkins

    Maybe GRRM doesn’t want to vouch for a spin-off series about Roberts rebellion because he wants to write a prequel to The Ice and Fire series about Roberts rebellion?


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