Robert Baratheon Kills Rhaegar Targaryen – A Photo Gallery

Part II of III On Robert’s Rebellion: The Battle Of The Trident (Gallery)

In Part I: Robert’s Rebellion And Why It Matters In Game Of Thrones (Complete Timeline and Events), we covered the timeline of Robert’s Rebellion.

One of the Most Pivotal Moment of Robert’s Rebellion is when Robert Baratheon killed the Heir to the Throne Rhaegar Targaryen at the Battle of the Trident!

This moment is such an important one, to the point it has inspired artists all over the world to create their vision of the Epic Battle between the Stag and the Dragon! We decided to have them all here in a separate article for you to enjoy!

This first drawing by Morano shows the brutality of Robert’s yielding of his Warhammer

via Morano

Robert striking Rhaegar’s armor of rubies…

by Mike Miller

The Riverlands were to flow red after these 2 would meet one on one…

via Sir Roger Oxford (YouTube)

How the Ruby Ford began….

by Arthur GWG

Robert Baratheon Kills the Heir to the Iron Throne

via Fantasy Flight Games

“Sin City” style depiction of the battle

by TheMico

The Stag Kills The Last Dragon

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Trident Flew of Red After the Battle

by Mondala

Another shot of the Warhammer about to kill the heir of the Targaryen Dynasty…

by Zuzacre

“In My Dreams, I Kill Him Every Night”

via imgur

The Stag and the Dragon

via The World Of Ice And Fire

“Rhaegar Never Liked Killing”

via Robert J. Schwalb

The Warhammer Hit that Destroyed a Dynasty!

by Addison R

Robert Had Not Only Won The Battle, He Had Also Won The War!

by Nil Vendrell

Another Nice Depiction by Mike Miller

by Mike Miller

HBO’s Version in their “History and Lore” DVD/Blu Ray Bonus Feature…

Robert_slays_Rhaegar (HBO)
via HBO

“Rhaegar Fought Valiantly, Rhaeger Fought Nobly, Rhaegar Fought Honorably, And Rhaegar Died…”

via HBO

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