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20 Best Memes Of Jon Snow & The “Super Crew” Beyond The Wall

The A-Team that took it upon themselves to fetch a White Walker beyond the Wall has not only successfully completed their mission (at the cost of many extras, a secondary character, and a freaking dragon dying), but they’ve also won our hearts.

Though they’ve mostly been a target for the title of next Avengers or Super Heroes, did you know they’re also a slight representation of the Faith of the Seven?

  1. Gendry is the Smith – literally and figuratively.
  2. Beric is the Stranger, having died at least six times and feeling less alive each time he comes back.
  3. The Hound is the Crone, who represents foresight and wisdom, as he had visions in the fire of East Watch and White Walkers heading that way.
  4. Jorah is the Warrior, driven by duty and honor, representing strength and courage.
  5. Thoros is the Mother, having “given life” to Beric as he brought him back to life six times.
  6. Tormund is the Maiden, as funny as that sounds – he’s not innocent or pure, but he is indeed a lover (Tormund thinking of fathering babies with Brienne makes him so freaking happy).
  7. Jon is the Father, representing divine justice and judgement, leading this group of seven mismatched heroes as the Father is the leader of the Seven.

Now, while you digest all that, check out some hilarious and spot on fan-made photoshop art regarding these seven badasses.

The Magnificent Seven

01 - Maginificent Seven

In this 2016 movie, seven gunmen in the old west eventually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves. Though our seven heroes live in a different universe and time, they do come together in the weirdest of ways to help convince Queen Cersei that there is an undead threat out there, hoping to get through to her and save Westeros before it’s too late.

The Fellowship of the Wight

via Reddit
via Reddit

You have my flaming sword. You have my running skills. And my axe! We all know one does not simply walk into Mordor, but we did find out that one also does not walk back from beyond the wall – you fly, you fools!

Who’s Friend Are You Anyway?

via Reddit
via Reddit

This lovely graph shows the relationships between our seven heroes. Some have a lot in common (like Gendry and Jon), and some had started out hating each other and ended up helping save each other’s lives.

Straight Outta East Watch

via Reddit
via Reddit

Our heroes have nothing to do with music or Compton, LA, but they do indeed revolutionize the line between what makes one a hero and what makes one a dumb man. They defy that line and come out on top (literally, all of them minus Jon flew out of there), and the stakes are high for any upcoming heroes in Westeros.

The Expendables

via Reddit
via Reddit

Paying homage to these seven characters and their unique and badass sets of skills by sending them beyond the Wall with a few doomed extras? Yes, please. Maybe they’ll put these seven guys together again and they alone will save Westeros.

The Hateful Eight

via Reddit
via Reddit

Eight? Yes, let’s not forget our Olympic Spearman – the Night King. In this spinoff, he is the reason why these seven brave and different men think they might not make it back.

The A.Team

Game of Thrones’ Very Own “A-Team”; For When you need a Team that gets the Job Done!! Does that make the Hound this team’s B.A Barracus?

All Credits Go To Junkee

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