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Image Engine’s VFX Reels For Seasons 5 & 6 Of Game Of Thrones

Vancouver Based VFX Company Image Engine has released their work on practical effects rendered for Game Of Thrones’ 6th Season. Unlike other VFX Companies Reels like the ones of Rising Sun Pictures, Rodeo Visual , or Mackvision, who tend to focus on location specific effects, Image Engine tends to handle more on the practical effects side of the show, most precisely stabbings and gory deaths.
Wun Wun’s killing of the Brother of the Nights Watch that hits him with a crossbow, and his hand getting hit by an arrow at the gates of Winterfell are two particularly impressive, yet still gruesome moments on this reel.

In case you missed it, here’s the Season 5 Reel of the same company, focusing a lot on the Battle of Hardhome and the White Walkers look and feel.

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