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The House Of The Undying: Interpreting All The Visions Daenerys Has

One of most prolific moments in the “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series, Danaerys’ visions in the House of the Undying were completely modified for the HBO series “Game Of Thrones” from which the material is based from.

One of many changes from the books that many fans thought were awful, the entire Qarth storyline with Danaerys was instead replaced with the infamous, and now heavily mocked, “Where are my dragons?” plot. While she does have visions inside the House of the Undying while looking for her dragons, they barely scratch the surface compared to the extensive visions she has in the books. Even more so considering the strong flashbacks and foreshadowing that resulted from them. We take a look at all the visions she has in “A Clash of Kings”(which would represent Season 2 of the show), and what their meanings are:

Vision #1

credit: zippo514
credit: zippo514

In one room, a beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor while four little men crawled over her…One was pumping between her thighs. Another savaged her breasts, worrying at the nipples with his red wet mouth, tearing and chewing.

Westeros being broken by the War Of Five Kings. The reason why she only sees four and not five, is that Balon Greyoy had not yet crowned himself “King Of The Iron Islands” yet in “A Clash Of Kings”/Season 2.

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  1. Scott

    All of the visions have one thing in common, they are wrong. 4 kings, what about Mance Rayder? Red Wedding, “He wore an iron crown”, no, Robb’s crown is made of Bronze with 9 Iron swords. House with the red door? Dany never remembered Darry walking, just in his bed. The mad king wanted to become a dragon by burning Kingslanding down. Rhaegar was trying to birth one savor, and did not know about the three heads. When told that she will be betrayed, she starts to mistrust people, this is also very vague, shes going to war, not supising that she will be betrrayed. Dark Flames and Shadowless men? Vague colours and symbols that could mean anything. Following thinking about these is just BS. The Flower in the Wall? Winter roses are associated with the First men, why is Lay growing out of Jon, Jon wasn’t at the wall at the time, their are other people at the wall, why is just Jon the wall? The “Mother!” they cried. “Mother, mother!” part is not what Dany thinks, or you. It’s not slaves thanking her, it’s them needing her. It’s the Astapori refugees suffering from the Flux.

    • Vladimir Garcia

      1-Mance Rayder did not participate in the war of the 5 kings.
      2-The crown is a minor detail.
      3- The vision of Willem Darry represents the desire of Daenerys, not the past.
      4-The Aerys vision does not contradict his desire to become a Dragon.
      5-Rhaegar wanted to have three children to complete the prophecy of the promised prince. After the birth of Aegon, Elia could no longer have children. This led to the disappearance of Lyanna and the birth of Jon.
      6-The blue flower is a symbol associated with Lyanna. His son, Jon, is a sworn brother of the Night Watch. The flower and the wall represent Jon.

      Reply (in reply to Scott)
  2. Bo

    The reason she sees 4 and not 5 is because Renly was already dead, not that Balon hadn’t yet crowned himself.

  3. Kev

    “Three mounts must you ride…”:

    2. One to dread:
    = Drogon. He is fearsome, to the point even she is wary of him.

    3. One to love:
    = the world. Maybe, as the stallion who mounts the world.

    On Dany as the stallion who mounts the world:

    (keep in mind that old Valyrian was gender neutral, creating some leeway in the translation of “prince” to equal “princess” in the Azor Ahai prophecy, assuming a similar twist of words in the origins of the similar StMtW prophecy:)

    1. “Swift as the wind he rides”
    – aka riding the winds by flying on dragonback
    2. “His Khalasaar covers the earth”
    – she already has an army comprised of warriors from most eastern lands and is about to conquer the west as well. Her army includes a united Dothraki horde (assuming GoT S7 is accurate)
    3. “Fierce as a storm this prince will be”
    – aka Stormborn

    GRRM’s prophecies are all deliberately vague and can be applied convincingly to multiple scenarios. However, they always come true eventually, given the “right” interpretation. I don’t necessarily claim this one is “right” but rather as convincing as any other.

  4. SM

    “…a beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor while four little men crawled over her…” = Cercei and the Kettleblacks.


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