The Greyjoy Rebellion Explained

With the casting of Euron Greyjoy finally confirmed for Season 6 of Game Of Thrones, we decide to look at another important event pre the first book/episode of the saga. If you were still wondering why Theon was staying in Winterfell, and why his betrayal in Season/Book 2 occurred, this recapitulation of his father Balon’s Rebellion to Robert Baratheon 9 years before the beginning will explain it all…

The Greyjoy Family

credit: Mathia Arkoniel
credit: Mathia Arkoniel

House Greyjoy is one of the Noble House of Westeros, ruling in the Iron Islands. Their Sigil is a Black Kraken, and their motto is “We Do Not Sow”. The Ironborn, as the people of the Iron Islands are referred as, are notorious for their hardened behavior. They only respect strength, and it is mostly well showcased in how they choose their ruler; via an event called the Kingsmoot and not necessarily through the direct line of succession as the other Noble Houses of the Seven Kingdoms do.

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  1. Victarion

    It’s not a black kraken.


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