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Game Of Thrones VFX Reels From Rodeo Visual Effects Company

Rodeo VFX Reel Season 6

Montreal Based VFX Company Rodeo has released their VFX Reel for their work on Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Their work mostly handles events in Essos, with most notably the Siege of Mereen which they worked on alongside other VFX company “Rhythm & Hues” who provided the finished dragons for the battles.
Other notable work from them includes the Hall of Faces, as well as their stunning rendition of Volantis. You can see their work on Seasons 4 & 5 in the next pages.

Rodeo VFX Reel Season 5

For Season 5, Rodeo handled most of the Mereen scenery, as well as environments North of the Wall as well as Kings Landing and the Sept of Baelor. Their rendition of Volantis is also all theirs, hence why it made sense for them to cover it again for Season 6 when the Greyjoys reach the Slave City.

They are also the ones to give us a look at the ruins of Valyria where Jorah gets infected with Greyscale. Who knows if we might see this scenery again in the next 2 seasons.

Rodeo VFX Reel Season 4

Rodeo VFX Company is responsible for giving us a visual for Mereen and the Land of Always Winter in Season 4. They also covered the environments for the Battle of Castle Black that occurred North of the Wall, as well as the Riverlands, destroyed after 3 years of war.

The White Walkers’ Blue Eyes are also the result of their hard work and stunning results.

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