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What To Expect In Season 6 Episode 7, “The Broken Man”

Here’s what to expect in the following episode of Game of Thrones. First things first, here’s the preview that was shown after Episode 6:

Brynden Tully And Jaime Lannister Confront Each Other

via HBO
via HBO

Laying Siege to Riverrun, Jaime Lannister, sporting a Lannister armor for once, is seen negotiating with the Blackfish who has retaken his family’s keep, and lets the head of the Lannister Army know: As long as he stands, the war is still on…

Edmure Tully Hostage

via HBO
via HBO

Using the knife with which he killed his nephew Robb Stark’s wife and unborn with, Walder Frey’s son is holding Edmure hostage, most likely to negotiate with Brynden for a surrender of Riverrun.

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