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Episode Recap: Season 6 Episode 6, “Blood Of My Blood”

The 6th Episode of the 6th Season of Game of Thrones gave us 2 comebacks from characters we hadn’t seen in quite some time. While the buildup towards war in the North was put on hold, the turmoil in Kings Landing, as well as Beyond the Wall were the main centerpiece. That, and along with the introduction of the Tarlys, Samwell’s Family.

Bran And Meera Flee From The Walkers And The Wights

via HBO
via HBO

Following the events of the 5th episode, “The Door”, Meera is dragging a still warging Bran away from the Weirwood Tree and the Wights running after them. As she relentlessly tries to get further away, Bran is warged into visions where he experiences many events of the past and future. Among them are, his father’s execution, the Red Wedding, the rebirth of Dragons with Daenerys, the Tower of Joy battle between his father and Targaryen Kingsguards, the White Walkers converting Craster’s sons into one of their own, the Battle of Hardhome, as well as the Fist of the First Men (at the end of Season 2) and….

The Mad King In The Flesh

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via HBO

The Mad King ordering his maesters to “Burn Them All” with Wildfire during Robert’s Rebellion, before Jaime Lannister shoves his sword through his back, earning him the “Kingslayer” moniker he’s been called throughout the entire series. It is truly the first time we get to see the Mad King portrayed in the series.

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  1. JP Carr

    So looks like Benjen Stark is Coldhands from the books. No wonder they cut the character from the show to keep the surprise.

  2. Ernest Doucette

    Too Many Characters and Plots, Hard to follow.
    They don’t call each other by name often enough/.
    I Binge watched the first 5 Seasons and I still don’t know
    half the Characters names!
    Then again I am 75 and can’t remember half of my family’s Names!


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