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Confirmed Cast For Season 6 Of Game Of Thrones

Now that Season 6 has started, we take a look at all the confirmed roles that have been cast all throughout the filming of the latest Game of Thrones season. New characters will be introduced, as well as younger versions of old favorites, with the season now entering into flashback territory.

Ned Stark – A Favorite Returns

Young Ned Stark - Sebastian Croft

A Younger Ned Stark will appear in season 6, with actor Sebastian Croft portraying the Quiet Wolf in a flashback scene which will most likely cover the Tower Of Joy fight between his troops and Targaryen Kingsguards at the end of Robert’s Rebellion

Young Hodor

Young Hodor - Sam Coleman
To make up for no Hodor in Season 5, the show has decided to give the fans 2 Hodors this season. While Kristian Naim will reprise the role in modern times, actor Sam Coleman will portray a younger version of the beloved half giant.

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