Cersei’s Prophecy And Why It Matters In Game Of Thrones…

The Fifth Season of Game of Thrones was the first one to introduce a flashback scene of a young Cersei Lannister hearing her prophecy from Maggy The Frog.

While the prophecy in the show did differ a bit from the one in the books, the scene did keep the essentials which unveil more about Cersei’s character and personality. Her behavior around those around her is a clear result of this prophecy and how it has been haunting her all her life.

Maggy The Frog: Who Is She?

via HBO
via HBO

Little is known about Maggy, which could be short for “Maegi”, a High Valyrian name. She is a Fortune Teller that lived near Lannisport in the Westerlands, where the Lannisters are the Liege Lords.

In Cersei’s recollections of her in “A Feast For Crows”, the 4th book, she is described as “squat and warty, with crusty yellow eyes, no teeth, and pale green jowls”. Little did she know that she would haunt the future queen of Westeros through her entire life

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  1. Karen

    Melara isn’t “Cersei’s maidenhead”. The word maidenhead means virginity – Melara is being told here that she’ll never marry and therefore sleep with a man as she’ll die before that happens and the only things that will ever penetrate her are the worms in her grave.

  2. Jessica

    I think Danny is really going to be the woman that will overthrow her and tyrion with her will choke her.

  3. fredQ

    The TV show prophesy doesn’t mention her death by the Valenqor or Melara’s death. These and many other details are omitted from the show leaving viewers in the dark about motives, fears and important facts. Books are MUCH better than the show.

  4. Phil

    Cersei is mad in the books (i.e. burning down the Tower of the Hand because she believes Tyrion is hiding inside). Her on screen character is much more sane and calculating.

    In the books she had two friends with her. She had the other killed if I recall correctly.

  5. Michael

    maybe jamie will fall fighting the walkers and Arya wears his face to strangle cersei


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