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Bran’s Visions Of The Past And Future In “Blood Of My Blood”

Last we saw Bran, he was still warging through the past as The Night King and his army of wights were attacking the Weirwood Tree and killed the Three Eyed Raven. Hodor Held The Door, as he was destined to do his entire life, and helped Meera and Bran escape, sacrificing himself to do so. Meera is dragging the sled with a warging Bran through the forest as they are being chased by wights. All the while, Bran is having many visions of the past and future alike. Before we break those down, here they are again:

And here they are in Slow Motion. That version can help in catching moments that only take a few frames, making them harder to tell apart, especially the ones that deal with the yet unknown.

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