Arnold Schwarzenegger Counsels Ser Jorah On Escaping The Friendzone

Things couldn’t get worse for Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island: he’s been banished from Mereen not once, but twice now. Daenerys Targaryen won’t look at him, let alone return the love he has for her. AND, to add insult to injury, he’s now plagued with incurable greyscale slowly rotting away his body.

Good thing the Terminator himself, Mr. Arnold Schwarzennegger is here to counsel him on how to be a man and escape this abominable friend zone he’s been stuck in for the entire series. Best of luck to the Young Bear….

– Voice Actor/Comedian Scheiffer Bates portrays Jorah brilliantly. Make sure to check his Facebook Page from which this video was taken for more Spot On Game Of Thrones Impressions he does (His Varys, Davos and Jon Snow are on POINT!!!)

– Voice Actor and Comedian Joe Gaudet gives a splendid (Modern) Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

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