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22 Medical Conditions Present In Game Of Thrones Characters

To all you medical and psychology students and practitioners, here’s a quick list of characters from Game of Thrones, along with their proper medical condition or trait:

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

via HBO
via HBO

PTSD is an anxiety disorder linked to serious traumatic events. It develops after a shocking, often harmful, event has happened to a person. The thoughts or recollection of said events causes panic attacks in the person with PTSD. In the case of the Hound, his brother burning half his face when children, made him develop a total paralyzing fear of fire.

Tyrion Lannister – Napoleon/Small Man Syndrome

via HBO
via HBO

A known term to describe the inferiority complex that short men tend to possess. This causes them to overcompensate by putting more effort than men of regular height would. Tyrion says it himself to Jon Snow: “My brother Jaime has his sword, I have my mind. And a mind needs books, just like a sword needs a whetstone”

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  1. Jennifer Douglas

    Incorrect Diagnosis Alert –

    Schizophrenia is *NOT* Multiple Personality Disorder. Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is a completely different mental disorder, and is often misunderstood by the public due to innocent mistakes like this.

    The correct heading on this would be Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), and nothing regarding Schizophrenia, since she doesn’t experience hallucinations (either auditory or visual) of her other personalities.

    Thanks so much for understanding,
    Jennifer (Mira) Douglas
    (One of thousands diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder)

  2. Marco

    Some of these are not necessarily medical conditions… just personality traits. Narcissism in Jaime Lannister and Stubbornness in Stannis are not by any means medical conditions, and Jorah Mormont’s love for Daenarys is not “obsessive”; it’s just love. Also, Masochism is deriving pleasure from pain; although Sansa Stark has endured her fair share of pain, that doesn’t mean she likes it by now. Try to make the title less clickbait-worthy if you’re going to write an article like this. Otherwise, it’s good.

    • Lissa

      This, I was just about to write something along the same lines as this.
      Also, Arya isn’t schizophrenic, she doesn’t hear voices or see things that aren’t actually there. Plus theres nothing wrong with Jon Snow, he never tried to make a martyr of himself, everyone else did. He’s just a good guy and obviously people were seeing that.
      Rewatch GoT or learn what actual medical diagnosis’s are.

      Reply (in reply to Marco)
  3. Maya

    Sanda was raped. She derived no pleasure from being raped and tortured, therefore she cannot be labeled masochist.

    • Guest

      She wasn’t raped in the books so the point is very invalid. She doesn’t even Marry him at all.

      Reply (in reply to Maya)
  4. Natalie Ricciutti

    I would like to point out many of the aspects of this blog that are complete incorrect. I currently receiving my Master’s in Counseling and I have also watched the show and read all of the books, twice, so I have a very good idea what I am talking about. Much of what you have written here is offensive to those who actually have these conditions, because you have been so wrong.
    1.) The majority of the “medical conditions” you listed were not actually medical, they were mental health conditions. That’s a huge difference, and while those in the psychological and counseling professions consider both to be equally as important, not making a distinction is not only wrong, but offensive to those with a mental disorder or illness.
    2.) Sansa Stark does not have Masochism. Masochism is receiving sexual gratification from being hurt or injured by someone else. She never enjoyed all the times she was raped, tortured, or beaten.
    3.) Robin Arryn does not have Oedipus Complex, due to the fact it does not exist. It was a term developed by Sigmund Freud to describe very young boys who are in love with their mother, and therefore, desire to kill their father. While it does accurately describe Robin to a point, Oedipus Complex has since been concluded by numerous counselors and researchers to not actually be real.
    4.) Theon Greyjoy could not have Catalepsy, as it is naturally occurring. Theon developed his nervous and anxious traits through being tortured by Ramsey Bolton.
    5.) While it is possible Aeryn Targaryen had Pyromania, it is significantly more likely, based on the books and the show, that he also had Paranoid Schizophrenia.
    6.) Allister Thorne most likely did have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but Jaime did not. Those diagnosed with this disorder typically feel little empathy, and numerous times Jaime has shown to not only feel empathy towards those around him, he has also been extremely kind and helpful when doing so would have gained him nothing. For example: saving Brianne from being eaten by a bear.
    7.) Jorah Mormont does not have Obsessive Love, because that disorder doesn’t exist.
    8.) While Delusion is a real condition, jealousy is not one of the possible aspects of it. Typically, delusions are a part of schizophrenia, and Lysa certainly does not have that.
    9.) Bran Stark having Psychoticism is a stretch since it’s occurring due to having mystical powers instead of happening naturally, but I understand what you are trying to say here.
    10.) Stubbornness is in no way a medical or metal condition. While Stannis Baratheon is incredibly stubborn, it is simply a personality characteristic.
    11.) Masculinity Complex (or Penis Envy) is exactly like Oedipus Complex, it does not exist. Again, it was developed by Freud to explain very young girls who are jealous of the power men possess, and desire a penis. This theory has been proven incorrect numerous times, particularly by Katherine Horney (feel free to look her up), and was a horrible sexist and offensive way of describing women during the 19th century.
    12.) Oberyn Martell probably did not have Sex Addiction, but I understand where you drew that conclusion.
    13.) See the above comment on why Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) are not the same time. Making that assumption was incredibly offensive to those what have either of those disorders. Also, Arya Stark does not have either, because she is not delusional, nor does she have hallucinations. The concept of being “No One” has nothing to do with having multiple personalities. Being “No One” is an idea the Faceless Men have, and it is choosing to loose one’s needs and personal attributes to be a skillful assassin.
    14.) Jon Snow does not have Martyr Complex as it is not a real condition or disorder. Choosing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good is not a condition. It is simply a personal characteristic that makes him incredibly heroic.
    I hope that I helped you understand why what you have written is incorrect and potentially harmful to who are not as knowledgeable about these illnesses.

  5. Guy

    Shit diagnosis for wankers #shitdiagnosisforwankers

  6. Keir Santucci

    Have you seen the show? EVER?!

    And labeling a rape victim as a masochist is seriously fucked up. Like so fucked up, I really worry about women left alone with the author. You’re saying the rape victim enjoyed being raped. That she really wanted it, deep down inside.

    You sir are a fucked up shit.

  7. Ash

    As someone who actually is a masochist, the fact that you labeled Sansa as such, is absolutely ridiculous, and incredibly offensive on multiple levels

    First, masochism is deriving sexual pleasure from having physical or mental pain inflicted on you.

    Second, to label a rape survivor who very obviously did NOT enjoy being raped, as a masochist, is highly offensive and disturbing.

    The key point, is that it is consensual, and desired! A masochist has consented to it, a rape victim has not!

    So how dare you go and make claims that Sansa, a survivor of torture, both physical and psychological, and a rape survivor, is a masochist.

  8. Alicia

    The proper quote is “a mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone” implying that a book sharpens a mind like a whetstone sharpens a blade.

  9. R. Melz

    Agree with other commenters – most of these “medical” conditions are psychological disorders or simply personality traits. That said, you missed some obvious conditions:

    Tyrion suffers from Dwarfism. Like his sister he is clearly an alcoholic. Ditto Robert Baratheon. A Napoleon Complex is far more complicated, aggressive, and socially domineering than any behavior Tyrion exhibits. Tyrion has embraced who and what he is; he verbalizes this repeatedly and advises others to become as self-actualized as he is. If anyone has demonstrated a degree of Napoleon Complex in show, it’s Lyanna Mormont.

    Cersei, The Mad King, and most obviously Joffrey are clearly sadists. Each derived sexual pleasure and immense gratification from hurting others. Joffrey’s only sexual behavior involved sadism; he never had any libidinous response without it.

    Sansa, The Hound, Varys, Theon, Loras, Missandei, Grey Worm, Bran, and Jon Snow all exhibit signs of PTSD. Theon came to serve and defend his victimizer, a clear sign of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Oberyn Martell’s promiscuity and unabashed sexuality/sensuality do not make him a sex addict. His desire for sex did not impede his ability to handle his business or interfere with functions of daily living. The same could not be said of King Robert Baratheon, who allowed his licentiousness to disrupt all facets of his life. Robert, Mace Tyrell, and Carts were/are also obese.

    Jojen Reed had seizures and epileptic fits.

    Hodor suffered from gigantism and speech aphasia.

    Narcissism is evident not only in Alliser Thorne, but Cersei, Joffrey, and Petyr Baelish. Tywin Lannister was a textbook narcissist as well; subverting everything to his desire for the aggrandizement of himself, his power, and his name. Stannis also displays a healthy case of narcissism as well as a God Complex. He believed in his own divinity so fully he sacrificed his marriage, friendships, reputation, brother, wife, daughter, brother-in-law, and countless other courtiers and soldiers in service to it.

    Littlefinger is not a mythomanic, which involves lying for no purpose at all. His dishonesty is neither compulsive or offhand; it always serves his larger design. In addition to being a narcissist Is also add antisocial personality disorder to his list of afflictions.

    Jorah displays love but calling it obsessive is a stretch. He us able to function in the world in spite of his strong feelings for Dany. A better example of this is Lysa Arryn, who allowed her lifelong obsession with Littlefinger to drive her to murder and other manic behaviors. Like Selyse Baratheon she also displays indications of agoraphobia.

    Ser Meryn Trant was not only a sadist, he was a pedophile. Ditto Walder Frey, who also enjoyed a healthy dose of narcissism.

    Arya Stark demonstrates an increasing lack of conscience and what appears to be a burgeoning antisocial personality disorder.

    Prince Doran suffered from Gout.

    Qyburn shows all the signs of necrophilia. This is more apparent in book. Like Selyse Baratheon and King Robert, he also fetishizes the dead.

    Sansa is definitely not a masochist. Can’t say the same for Ramsey’s lover Myranda who served as the perfect masochistic counterpart to the sexually sadistic Ramsay.

    Both Jorah and Shireen Baratheon suffer from Greyscale, an infectious process similar to leprosy.

    Bran Stark is not psychotic but he is a paraplegic following his fall. Euron Greyjoy fully qualifies as a violent psychotic. He sees and hears things that are not there and allows his delusions to dictate his day to day behavior. Also more clear in book but hinted at strongly in show.

    Danaerys suffers from amenorrhea and infertility.

    Jon Snow, Dolorous Edd, and Sansa Stark all show signs of depression at various times. Same for Ella Martell, who’s weakened condition following the births of her children suggest not only worsening physical health, but spiraling depression. She had a chronic condition of some kind that prevented her from traveling or later, getting out of bed even as a young woman in the prime of youth.

    Lyanna Stark and Joanna Lannister endured puerperal fever for an indeterminate period and both died from it

  10. Draculady123

    These are ridiculous! Saying a person who is beaten and raped is a masochist is sick, for starters. How can you justify that? Schizophrenia is NOT the same as Multiple Personality Disorder at all, secondly. Obesity is not a psychiatric disease, but is a symptom of some of them. Good Lord, did you just Wiki a bunch of psychological disorders and just assign characters into them? Do your research!

  11. Tara

    Not even bothering to read these past “sadism” and “masochism.” Neither of those is a medical disorder, and shame on the author(s) for implying that they are. This entire listicle seems to function only to support the taboo on mental illness. Thumbs solidly down.

  12. D Nelson

    Sansa doesn’t suffer from masochism. Masochism implies someone who derives pleasure from physical pain. She is simply naive (in the books she is actually 12 years old at the start), and held as a captive throughout most of the show.

  13. kat

    This is at best pop psychology at best


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