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Game Of Thrones: 22 “Bad AF” Female Characters

Game of Thrones is known for many things, such as its gory and unexpected deaths, steamy sex scenes, gut-wrenching plot twists, and its immersive story. Now, something else is making Game of Thrones even more of a hit: its strong and fierce female characters. They are everywhere!

Have you noticed that there are three very powerful women in charge by the end of season seven? Looking back through all seven seasons, we’ve come across a few incredible women. Some we’ve watched grow into there, and others that were already dominating when they first came into our lives, and all dove in head-first. As we wait for the eighth and final season, let’s look at 22 of the most fierce female characters in the Game of Thrones universe, whether the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, the HBO show adaptation, and the Telltale games. Ah, yes, obligatory spoiler alert for those who have not caught up to season seven. You’ve been warned!

22 – Karsi

via HBO
via HBO

Karsi was a wilding spearwife with a sharp tongue and determined attitude, along with Ygritte. She represented her clan in a meeting with clan chieftains and Jon Snow, then the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, calls for a union of the Free Folk and the Crows to fight the White Walkers together.

Karsi fights alongside with Jon Snow and his men against the wights, risking her life and her daughters’ to defend the Free Folk. She refuses to get back in the boat with Jon Snow after he pleads with her, and she argues with him that he should go instead so the Night Watch’s men at Castle Black will let her the rest of the wildlings though its gates.

She stays behind and puts her fighting skills to the test, slaughtering as many wights as she could before inevitably being overwhelmed and killed by child wights. It’s highly unfortunate that her skills are now part of the White Walker army, as we see her become one of them by being raised by the Night King himself.

21 – Ygritte

via HBO
via HBO

Jon Snow might not know anything, but Ygritte definitely knows how to make a good Crow turn bad. Ygritte was a wildling, or Free Folk, she’s from the North of the Wall and was a member of Mance Rayder’s army as a spearwife (warrior woman).

She and Jon Snow fell in a forbidden kind of love, with him defying his vows as a member of the Night’s Watch and being called a traitor. Ygritte was an excellent fighter and was torn between being loyal to Jon or Mance Rayder and her people.

All her personal dilemma aside, Ygritte always showed off her fighting skills and wit, her famous phrase “You know nothing, Jon Snow” becoming an enticing taunt and a joke amongst her snarky remarks towards Jon and Westeros overall. Even after her inevitable death, Ygritte’s example of a free wilding who is not afraid of a fight and someone who will put you in your place continues to mark us all.

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