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20 Of The Most Tearjerker Moments In Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones has kept us entertained for almost seven years now. It’s made us laugh, scream in anger, cover our not-so-innocent-anymore eyes, made us pick our jaws up off the floor. It has also made us cry and feel bad for the characters. One of its key features keeping us glued to every episode is the show’s ability to make the viewers emotionally invested in the characters, caring about plot twists, true intentions, and the well-being of each of them.

We’ve watched sixty seven episodes in six and a half years, read five installments of A Song of Ice and Fire, and played one cannon video game by Telltale Games. Here are 20 moments in the entire Game of Thrones universe that made our hearts sink, our lips quiver, and had us reaching for our phones to text our best friend, our eyes becoming waterfalls as we pretended we weren’t crying, asking “Who the hell is cutting onions around here?”

As always, spoiler alert if you’re not caught up to season seven. You’ve been warned!

Jon And Sansa Reunite

via HBO
via HBO

Even though Jon Snow and Sansa Stark had never appeared together on-screen before season six (fun fact of the day), we can assume it had been at least five years since they had last seen each other. In those five years Ned Stark was beheaded, Catelyn and Robb Stark had been betrayed and killed at the Red Wedding, Bran and Rickon had been abducted by Theon Greyjoy, Arya became separated from the family and presumed dead, Jon had been killed and resurrected after fighting White Walkers, and Sansa had gone from Lannister fangirl to Lannister captive, then married off to the psychotic and abusive Ramsay Bolton.

They had both gone through so much and were in such desperate need for good news, and you could feel it when they shared that reuniting hug at Castle Black. It’s even better when they start talking about their next steps after reminiscing about their happy lives all those years ago, before King Robert came for their father. The Starks have gone through so much in this show, it feel good to see a glimmer of hope for the future.

“Promise Me Ned” – The Tower Of Joy

via HBO
via HBO

We finally see the truth behind Lyanna’s Bed of Blood at the Tower of Joy. Though we, the viewers, already had an idea of Jon Snow’s real parentage, we see a dying Lyanna who had just given birth to Aegon Targaryen. A product of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s forbidden love, Aegon would have absolutely been a target for assassination had King Robert ever caught wind of him – Robert and Lyanna were supposed to marry.

Instead, Lyanna Stark ran away with Rhaegar Targaryen, in love and marrying him in secret, and now their heir was born. The true heir to the Iron Throne. What’s more important about this scene is that Ned Stark keeps it all a secret for the many years to come, putting his pride and reputation in danger (as well as his marriage) by claiming Jon Snow as his bastard. This demonstrates how much he loved his sister and wishes to honor her beyond her death, even if it means to continue on with the lie that started Robert’s Rebellion to begin with.

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