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20 Bronn Memes To Make You LOL

There are many great characters in the Game of Thrones universe. Some we love, while we love to hate others. Whoever your favorite character is, you have to admit Bronn has a piece of your heart.

A skilled and dangerous sellword, he’s also got a cunning tongue and a beautiful stroke of colorful humor. We first met him when he volunteered to be Tyrion Lannister’s champion in the Trial by Combat in the Eyrie, and he’s been an honorary member of House Lannister ever since.

Largely motivated by gold and the promise of a castle, Bronn will most likely be stuck with the Lannisters for the foreseeable future. Maybe he will finally get his castle in the end! Or will he lose it just like he lost his gold during the loot train battle?

To celebrate him and his snarky attitude, here are 25 Bronn memes that will make you laugh and reminisce on his beautiful existence.

Bronn & The Night King

Bronn and Night King
Why make Bronn a White Walker when you can acquire his loyalty-for-hire by giving him an ice castle? It’s the best of both worlds – having a living spy, which is useful to trick your living enemies, and having him help you with whatever you need as long as you give him gold. Shhh. Don’t tell the Night King.

Game Of Thrones Bronn Chart

Bronn Chart
Whatever reason keeps you coming back for more, Bronn getting a castle would be the icing on the cake. Nobody deserves it more than he does, and we can’t wait to see it happen. Because it will, right? I mean, it just has to.

Bronn Dreams Of His Castle

Bronn Dream Castle
Wrong, Jaime. I think the only thing that would distract Bronn from a castle right now would be a beautiful woman. Or two. Or maybe even a handful.

House Lannister’s Employee Of The Month

Bronn Employee Of The Month
Who else is more deserving of this title than Bronn? He’s shot a dragon for them, he’s fought for and with them, he helps strategize for battle and brainstorms with Jaime over anything that needs to be done. Bronn definitely deserves a reward for his loyalty. How about a castle?

Bronn Flakes

Bronn Flakes
Want to start out your day the right way? How about a nice bowl of Bronn Flakes? Complete with crunchy goodness and the tears of the Lannisters’ enemies. Get you some!

Bronn At Walt Disney World

Bronn Happy Castle
Bronn will take any castle. Even if it’s full of children screaming over Disney characters and fairies and princesses – he’d actually enjoy the princesses part.

Compromise: Lego Castle

Bronn Lego Castle

Jaime. Seriously? We all know the man is dying for his promised castle, but a Lego set? Come on. Pay your debts correctly, Ser Jaime. Shame.


Bronn LOL (2)
Who didn’t laugh along with Bronn when Dickon Tarly announced his name? Try as you may, keeping a straight face when Bronn laughs at it is just not possible.

Bronn’s Lost Gold

Bronn Loves Gold
The pain Bronn feels when he drops his bag of gold during the loot train battle is palpable. To risk your life to be a rich man or to live to become a rich man later? That was a tough choice for poor Bronn, and his face reflects how much love he has for his soon-to-be-melted-by-dragon-fire riches.


Bronn LULZ
Dickon Tarly got a great laugh out of Bronn (and us, let’s be honest) when he said his name out loud, but poor Theon is indeed lacking his manhood… And Bronn would still find it funny.

Bronn NEEDS That Castle

Bronn NEEDS Castle
For the love of all the Gods, old and new, JUST GIVE THE MAN A CASTLE.

Bronn STILL Has No Castle

Bronn No Castle
When Bronn saved Jaime’s life after he foolishly attempted to impale Daenerys, many chalked it up to loyalty or courage and bravery. Nah. Bronn just wants to make sure he gets his damn castle.

Bronn & Pod Out

Bronn Pod Out
Fun fact: Jerome Flynn (Bronn) and Lena Hadley (Cersei) used to date back in the early 2000’s, and that relationship ended so badly that they are no longer on speaking terms. Now you know why Bronn leaves and does not partake in the oh-so-important meeting in King’s Landing.

Bronn’s Reactions

Bronn Reactions
Bronn is not only funny when it comes to jokes, his expressions are priceless. These two sum up exactly how a lot of us felt during season seven – from “oh, I wonder where this lovely episode will take us today” to “are you kidding me?!”

Compromise #2: Sand Castle For Bronn

Bronn Sand Castle
Jaime is a Lannister. The Lannisters always pay their debts. Jaime promised Bronn a castle. Jaime makes Bronn a sand castle. Bronn is not amused.

Bronn & Twitter

Bronn Twitter
Even though he doesn’t live in 2017, Bronn is well aware of the Twitter craze. Also, what an awesome guy he is for sparing the life of everyone who would start following him if he were to make a Twitter. Wait. Jerome Flynn has an account. DON’T FOLLOW HIM!

Bronn vs. Daenerys & Drogon

Bronn vs Dragon
After being mandatorily volunteered to man the huge crossbow created to slay Daenerys’ dragons, Bronn becomes even more of a badass. Not even a dragon can scare him, and he was the first person to injure Drogon.

Bronn: Winner

Bronn Winner
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t expect Bronn to die after shooting at Daenerys’ dragon. But, there he is, breathing and living the dream. And waiting on that castle.

Hipster Bronn

Hipster Bronn
Bronn is so legit, he was the son of someone you wouldn’t know before it was cool. Though he is now affiliated to the Lannisters, Bronn can confidently and truthfully sing “started from the bottom, now we’re here”.

Jerome Flynn Interview

Jerome Flynn Bronn Interview
I don’t know how many more times I can say this – the man wants his castle. It’s such a dire need that Jerome Flynn even pursues castles out of character. Can you imagine what would happen if Bronn dies without ever getting his castle?! That’s an unspeakable possibility.

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