Game Of Thrones: 20 Book Characters We'll Never See In The Show

20 Book Characters We’ll (Sadly) Never See In Game Of Thrones

There are too many characters from the books of “A Song Of Ice And Fire” that ended up not appearing in HBO’s Adaptation “Game of Thrones”; some for the better to simplify the story, others, we have yet to know why. We take a look at twenty characters from George R.R Martin’s epic fantasy series to have either not appeared on the show, or that have been modified and their storylines transferred to other characters from the series to avoid confusion.

You may often hear avid fans of the books complain about these omissions, yet keep in mind that a lot of these are actually justified. Other merges of characters, or transfer of one new character’s story arc to an already existing one in the show made for less complicated viewing.

Many fans of the show often complain about the intricate plots involving the already many characters in the series. Imagine had more been introduced…

First one is by now an obvious one:

20 – Lady Stoneheart

credit: Anna Mitura Laskowska, ertacaltinoz
credit: Anna Mitura Laskowska, ertacaltinoz

Pretty much everyone knows about Lady Stoneheart by now, so it comes as no surprise that she would be on this list. The show even had a symbolic scene where the Hound, presumed dead in Season 4, takes a leak on a river in Season 6, to confirm she will never ever appear on “Game of Thrones”.

After her throat is slit wide open at the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark’s body is thrown in a river. The Brotherhood without Banners, led by Berric Danderrion and Thoros of Myr find the rotten corpse three days after the horrific events. Berric sacrifices himself and gives Catelyn the kiss of fire, dying one final time and resurrecting her in the process.

The resurrected Catelyn however, is obviously changed in the process into a dark and colder woman who gets the nickname of Lady Stoneheart. Her existence is now bent on one thing only: to avenge the Red Wedding and kill any and everyone that had a play in it, starting with two of Walder Frey’s sons they cross paths with at the very end of “A Storm of Swords”

Her storyline was most likely cut from the show due to nothing truly significant being built around her besides her thirst for vengeance. Arya Stark might be the one to take on her path with her list of names still going…

19 – Hoster Tully

credit: residentsmooth, HBO
credit: residentsmooth, HBO

While he exists and is even shown in the show, Hoster Tully plays a much bigger role in the books, especially during the War of Five Kings. Whereas the show only showed his dead body being cremated, the book has him more involved in protecting the Riverlands from the many Lannister led raids before and during the War of Five Kings.

The Riverlands have always being prone to attacks due to their geographical location. Hoster Tully hence made the smart move of betrothing his two daughters Lysa and Catelyn to Lords of the Vale (Jon Arryn) and the North (Brandon Stark). After Brandon and his father Rickard Stark’s deaths at the hands of the Mad King, House Tully was bound to join Robert’s Rebellion in taking down the Targaryen dynasty.

During the events of “A Game of Thrones” and later during the War of Five Kings, Hoster has grown old and ill, yet keeps it a secret due to his proud nature. After refusing to swear allegiance to King Joffrey Baratheon following Robert’s Death, his House and castle of Riverrun is taking under siege by Jaime Lannister and his army.

It is Robb Stark that breaks the siege (and captures Jaime), which gives Catelyn a chance to see her dying yet still lucid father. He eventually dies of old age during the War and his son Edmure takes control of Riverrun.

No real explanation was given as to why a living Hoster Tully was never shown in the HBO series. The only possible reason would be of budget reasons. The large battle between the Starks and Lannisters armies at the doorsteps of Riverrun were probably not possible at the time Season 1 was filmed. Jaime Lannister’s capture was moved to another non filmed battle, and the story arc involving Riverrun and the Tullys was postponed for Season 3

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