15 Game Of Thrones Characters That Died In The Show But Are Still Alive In The Books

15 – Barristan Selmy

via HBO
via HBO

Barristan “The Bold”, or as they call him behind his back, Barristan “The Old” is one of the most notorious swordsman and fighter of Westeros. Legends of him being unstoppable in combat roam all across the realm, and he proved his valor in combat many times over during his lifetime. He even got pardoned by Robert Baratheon after his rebellion, even though Ser Barristan was fighting for the other side.

via HBO
via HBO

In the books, he looks over Mereen as the Queen’s counselor after Danaerys leaves the Fighting Pits riding Drogon. He tries to maintain order in a city with inner turmoil with regards to the rule of the Mother of Dragons.

The show however, decided to give this task to Tyrion, who has yet to meet Danaerys in the books, and kill off Ser Barristan as he lived: By The Sword. It was sad to see this legendary fighter die in combat during the only fight we actively see him in the entire show…

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  1. Ann

    Good list. I don’t mind the show killing off characters who are still alive in the books, but the reasons for doing so and the methods used sometimes drive me up the wall. About half of these are fine, including Meryn Trant who is a case of combined-character-syndrome, but some of these are real head shakers for me. The worst is Shireen though–no way BookStannis would ever allow order his daughter killed. Given that the show has assassinated Stannis’ character from the beginning, his death wasn’t remotely surprising.

  2. Bryan

    Myrcella was killed by Elia Sands in the show not Nymeria. Also the plot in the books that left Myrcella scarred was by Arianne Martell (who is not in the show) and it wasn’t to kill her it was to crown her queen of the 7 Kingdoms by Dornish law, which hierarchy goes to the eldest child not the eldest son.

  3. Rachel

    I thought Mance was burned in a huge wicker basket/cage in the book… it’s been a while, but I remember my mental picture while reading it NOT being a stake…

  4. James

    Fairly sure Brienne of Tarth should be on this list after being hanged by Lady Stoneheart, as was podrick payne for refusing to give up the sword that was Ned Starks, that eventually was melted down to make the oathbreaker for Jamie. These two deaths seem a lot more important than a random member of the Kingsguard and two minor nights watch members

    • Akkad47

      That would be the inverse situation: Dead in the Books, but Alive in the Show

      Reply (in reply to James)

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