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The 15 Most Awesome Weapons In Game Of Thrones

We take a look at 15 incredible weapons used in various Game of Thrones characters throughout the series, and some that are yet still to come. For the sake of this article, we limit it to weapons used by one character in particular, so Daenerys’ Dragons will not make that list. They will be saved for another specifically on tools of war.

The World of Ice and Fire also introduced us to Valyrian Steel, an ancient metal forged in Dragonfire whose forging technique has vanished from the realm hundreds of years before the show begins, hence its precious value. Expect a lot of Valyrian Steel in this list.

15- Ice – The Ancestral Sword Of House Stark

via HBO & Valyrian Steel
via HBO & Valyrian Steel

Ice is the ancestral sword of House Stark. Carried by the Lord of Winterfell for more than five centuries, it is forged in Valyrian Steel, a rare forging technique that disappeared along with the Doom of Valyria many more centuries ago. An enormous weapon, it is mostly used by Ned Stark for ceremonial purposes such as the beheading of the deserter of the Nights Watch in the very first episode.

via HBO
via HBO

Sadly, Ned Stark gets his own head cut off by his very own sword at the Sept of Baelor. The sword is then, under the orders of Tywin Lannister, melted down and reforged into 2 other Valyrian Steel swords for House Lannister

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  1. Tom

    Neither of those bows is a longbow. They’re recurve bows it the horsebox style.

  2. Steve

    Bronn’s isn’t a dagger, it’s a Kukri as used by the Ghurkas.


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