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13 Game Of Thrones Scenes Clearly Inspired By Other Movies Or Series

With the massive global hit that “Game of Thrones” is, it should come as no surprise that the Production team, and even George R.R Martin himself got themselves inspired by other works in film and TV series. We look at 13 examples where the similarities between the scenes (or settings) are noticeable enough, yet still maintain their own identity within the grand story arc in the series.

13 – The Waif Hunts Arya In Braavos – The T-1000 Hunts John Connor In LA (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

via HBO/TriStar Pictures
via HBO/TriStar Pictures

The common traits are too many. The Waif has a calm and calculating composure as she chases Arya in the streets of Braavos, in the exact same way the T-1000 chases John Connor in the Mall, and then the LA River in Terminator 2.

Some YouTubers have even matched the Chase Scene in Braavos with the actual Soundtrack of Terminator 2 (Embedding is not allowed due to copyright laws)

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  1. sundown55

    Indira Varma played Ellaria Sand, not Nymeria. #justsayin

  2. Pie Le Pro Pieux Preux

    We also saw in the Matrix movie when agents are chasing Neo, different people have agent within wanting to kill in that famous running

  3. Tommy

    Funny I thought the same thing with the Battle of the Bastards.


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