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12 Times We Either Loved Or Hated Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is without a doubt the character with one of the most interesting arc in the entire “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series and its HBO Adaptation “Game Of Thrones”. When he is first introduced, he instantly presented as a character to loathe, along with the rest of the Lannisters, save for Tyrion.

His character development is unprecedented in this series: From a hated character that gets what’s coming to him once captured by the Starks, to one with more empathy and honor once he is set free and returns to Kings Landing. Here are 6 times we either loved or hated the Kingslayer.

6) When He Taunted And Attacked Ned Stark

via HBO
via HBO

There is history between these two. Ned was the one that found Jaime sitting on the Throne after he had broken his Kingsguard vows and killed the Mad King Aerys Targaryen at the end of Robert’s Rebellion. He believed the Kingslayer should have been stripped of his duties and sent to the Wall, rather than being pardoned as the new King Robert Baratheon did. Fast Forward 17 years later, Ned is the Hand of the King, and his wife has captured Tyrion Lannister on suspicions he tried to have their son Bran killed. Jaime loves his brother and doesn’t budge at confronting Ned in front of Littlefinger’s brothel to fight him for his family’s honor.

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