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12 Terrible Changes From The Books In Game Of Thrones – Part II

First Things First, make sure you have already read Part I: 12 Terrible Changes From The Books In Game Of Thrones

As seasons of Game of Thrones progressed, more and more changes were made in order to fit the narrative in a Television format limited to 10x 1 hour episodes. While some of those changes¬†in Game of Thrones from the books were good, others, as we had previously covered, weren’t so well received by fans. Now that the show has officially gone beyond the scope of the story from the books, there are still many more of those we can expect to see once “The Winds of Winter” is finally published.

Nevertheless, there are still more entries from Seasons 6, and even the earlier ones that pertain to bad changes made from GRRM’s Source material, whether it be a different story, or character trait. Here are 12 more bad changes from the books in Game of Thrones:

12) Doran Martell’s Character Is Completely Butchered

via HBO
via HBO

Oberyn Martell quickly became a fan favorite Game of Thrones character that was gone too soon upon his introduction in Season 4. His brutal death at the hands of the Mountain shocked many of them. Nevertheless, hopes for how the HBO series was going to portray the Dornish Storyline from “A Feast For Crows” in Season 5 were set high, even more so when Alexander Siddig was cast as Oberyn’s older brother and Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell.

Throughout “Feast”, readers get the impression that Doran is weakened from his gout for not wanting revenge on the Lannisters for the harm they caused to both his siblings. His daughter Arianne attempts a coup to have Myrcella crowned in Kings Landing in order to cause war between the Martells and the Lannisters. The coup fails when her father reveals his true intentions in restoring a Targaryen to the throne and avenge his brother and sister’s deaths.

A smart and ruseful character, akin to Tywin Lannister, the show only focused on his weakened state. No Dornish Master Plan were even mentioned, and his death in the Season 6 opener only butchered a character that was never given the same chance to shine as he does in GRRM’s book series.

11) Loras Tyrell Dies A Wimp

via HBO
via HBO

Loras Tyrell in the books is a fierce warrior. When Ned Stark, the acting hand at the time, wants to send a group to take out Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane for pillaging the Riverrlands, Ser Loras is the first to volunteer for the task. Ned instead sends Berric Danderrion and Thoros of Myr (for which they fail and afterwards create¬†the Brotherhood Without Banners).

Loras’ fate in the books is still unknown. He volunteers to lead a group to attack Dragonstone and reclaim the Old Targaryen Castle to the Crown, and off the hands of Stannis Baratheon, who’s in the North fighting for Winterfell. He gets heavily injured during the battle, and his fate is yet to be determined. In the case that he is indeed dead, at least he died in battle, valiantly fighting Stannis’ troops to avenge Renly’s death.

The show instead had him crumble upon the pressure of the Faith Militant put on him after capturing him. He would relinquish the seat of his house and vow his life to the Faith, even having the Seven Pointed Star marked on his forehead. Completely weakened and humiliated after his trial, he would perish along with his sister Margaery, his father Mace, the High Sparrow, and every other Faith Militant that was foolish enough to be in the Sept of Baelor the moment Cersei Lannister decided to ignite the stash of Wildfire from underneath it.

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  1. SM

    Brienne didn’t die in the book. She was last seen in the ariverlands speaking to a Jamie, presumably to lure him to the Brotherhood.


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