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The 12 Best Episodes Of Game Of Thrones

After 60 hours of material aired, “Game of Thrones” has singlehandedly proven itself to be the best Television Series ever made. Based of George RR Martin’s “A Song Of Ice And Fire” Book Series, the HBO show has pushed all boundaries and expectations for what Television was supposed to be. We look at the best 12 episodes from the 60 episode run so far, covering Seasons 1 to 6, along with all the elements that makes them worthy of this list:

12 – Season 1 Episode 1: “Winter Is Coming”

– First Episode of the entire series.

– Introduced all the “Main” Characters (At least for the first season)

– Set the tone of the show (White Walkers and Feuding Families)

– Warned viewers that this show was not a conventional one: Multiple storylines panning across different locations

– Wasted no time in a shocking cliffhanger: Jaime Lannister pushing Bran Stark off the balcony after he caught him having incestuous liaisons with his sister the Queen.

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  1. aloysha38

    My favorite episode is not listed here: Season 6 Ep.2 Starts with an early scene at Winterfell with young Ned, Lyanna, Benjen, and Hodor and ends with Jon Snow’s resurrection


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