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11 Real Life Parallels To Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones remains the most popular TV Series ever made. The Fantasy series owes a lot of its success to the real life analogies present in the fictional universe its events occur in. While some were confirmed by the writer George R.R Martin himself, lots of analogies with real (or mythical) life events and characters are present in the series, as showcased by these 11 entries:

The Nights Watch/Wildling Conflict <-> The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Wildling vs Nights Watch, Israel Palestine

– In conflict for as long as the land they fight on.

– Mutual hatred on both sides for the opposite one.

– A large Wall separates the two (The Wall/The Gaza Strip).

– An Outside force needs to intervene in order to temporarily cease the bloodshed (Stannis Baratheon/The USA)

– Whenever a leader from one side tries to compromise, that leader gets assassinated by his very own people that view him as a traitor (Jon Snow/Yitzhak Rabin).

– One way this conflict could end is a common threat forcing both sides to overlook their differences and unite to fight it. (White Walkers beyond the Wall/Shia Extremist Groups in the Levant)

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  1. Snowhite

    Thw parallel is accurate, but Helen married Menelaus not Agamemnon.

  2. Heidi

    Great analysis, but just a note it is Wars of the Roses not War of the Roses.

  3. Mattias

    Um, dont really think Troy is a real life event yeah? 😛


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