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The 10 Worst Fathers In Game Of Thrones

With families being at the forefront of the stories in Game of Thrones, it comes as no surprise that many of these families hold horrible patriarchs at the head. While we may occasionally find Good Fathers in Game of Thrones, it turns out a lot more of the Patriarchal figures in the series tend to be on the cruel side. Whether being too rough on their children, or completely absent altogether, these Game of Thrones characters all have their reasons for being terrible fathers.

Walder Frey

via HBO
via HBO

What Makes Him A Bad Father:
– Dishonorable Man
– Terrible Temper
– Too Many Kids To Care About Any In Particular

Not only is this character a despicable human being for betraying guests rights in his castle and conspiring on the Red Wedding, he is also a terrible father to both his sons and daughters. Her daughter Roselyn Frey had just gotten married, and yet he has her husband imprisoned on their wedding night. When his sons lose Riverrun to the Blackfish, he belittles them for the idiots that they very well may be.

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