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10 Good Fathers In Game Of Thrones

Family is one, if the not the most important element in “Game of Thrones” and the “A Song Of Ice And Fire” Series it’s inspired from. While we may have witnessed some terrible fathers in the series, there are a some patriarchal figures that redeem themselves through either their kindness, their honor, and the love they bear for their children. Despite the challenge that finding them all¬†entailed, we bring you 10 positive father figures present in Game of Thrones:

Rickard Stark

via HBO
via HBO

What Makes Him A Good Father:
– Honorable Man
– Marched For His Daughter &¬†Family’s Honor

The Warden of the North during the last Targaryen reign whose death would be the spark that ignites Robert Baratheon’s Rebellion against the Crown. We only got to see a glimpse of him during a Flashback Vision of Bran. He tells his young son Ned, who’s about to head to the Eyrie to train under Jon Arryn (where he would meet and befriend the future king, Robert Baratheon, there for the exact same reason). As one would expect from a Stark, Lord Rickard was known as a kind and honorable man. The capture of his daughter Lyanna at the hands of the heir to the throne Rhaegar Targaryen would lead him to his death in Kings Landing where he sought justice from the Mad King.

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