10 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Should Have Had More ScreenTime

10 Game Of Thrones Characters That Should Have Had More Screen Time

Game Of Thrones has quite its share of characters. While the main characters are always appreciated when they appear on screen, it is at time the secondary characters that help the more prominent ones shine through on screen.

We look at 10 characters in the series that should have definitely appeared more often or for more time on screen. Luckily, some of those might actually make a return in Season 7, while the vast majority were gone too soon, yet shone enough to leave a solid timeless impression for the fans.

10) Karsi

via HBO
via HBO

A Wildling woman warrior stranded at Hardhome following the Battle of Castle Black, this character left a lasting impression from the moment she was introduced during the parlay between the Wildlings and the Nights Watch.

The episode had Karsi on her way to becoming a new character to like and root for on the show, even more so with her saying “I fookin’ hate Thenns” to Tormund; Tormund had mentioned the exact same disdain for the cannibal Wildlings in the Season 4 opener.

Just as we thought something was to be built with her, she periled to fight the attacking army of the White Walker, eventually getting ripped apart by resurrected children wights.

A beloved member of the infamous “1 Episode Club”, we wonder how she would have fared in the Battle of the Bastards along with her Wildling counterparts.

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  1. JeRon Jackson

    Ummm… Oberynn?? Ned Stark?? Hello

    • Akkad47

      They each had a full season to shine and leave (too early agreed). This is more for secondary characters that had small appearances in general 🙂

      Reply (in reply to JeRon Jackson)
  2. Justin

    The Red Viper was the best character ever. I fight between him and Sir Arthur Dayne would be the epitome of epicness. And Killing off Barristan Selmy was dumb

  3. L1\/3RP00L

    What about Wun Wun?


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