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13 Characters That Got Recast In Game Of Thrones

With so many character, it was only a matter of time for Game Of Thrones to start recasting some of their characters. Oddly enough, recasts started occurring as early as the very first season, some due to actors leaving for other projects, not realizing how big the show would become, others simply to have more experienced actors take over roles that would be less prominent at first. Here 10 characters that had different actors portray them in the series:

13 – Dickon Tarly

via HBO
via HBO

Played By:
– Freddie Stroma (Season 6)
– Tom Hopper (Season 7)

Freddie Stroma, from the “Harry Potter” movies, had been cast to portray Samwell’s little brother. He made a very brief appearance in Season 6 where the Tarlys were being introduced. He partook in that awkward dinner with Sam, Gilly and the rest of the family. That dinner where the family patriarch, Randyl Tarly finally showed how much of a bad father he is to Samwell.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, the character had to be recast for the short appearance he were to have in Season 7 by “Black Sails” actor Tom Hopper.

12 – Tommen Baratheon

via HBO
via HBO

Played By:
– Callum Wharry (Seasons 1-3)
– Dean-Charles-Chapman-Tommen (Seasons 4 – )

The Boy King was more of a background character in Seasons 1 to 3. When it came time for him to be king following Joffrey’s death, the producers decided to recast him with a more experienced actor. Oddly enough, they chose Dean Charles Chapman who had already played another Lannister in season 3: Martyn Lannister, Kevan Lannister’s second child, killed by Rickard Karstark as retribution for the death of his own son by the hands of Martyn’s cousin, Jaime Lannister.

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  1. Ev

    I loved Tom W and hate that he won’t be there any more!

  2. tlc

    Clegane’s horse in the Tourney was a stallion, not a mare, which is why he was riled up by Loras’ mare being in heat….

  3. Gracie

    The battle of the bastards episode was the best! Im still trying to understand whats going on with so many kingdoms and kings but l wont stop watching. Love all the female characters! Cant wait for the next season to begin!

    • Craig Bernard

      Hah! Well, Gracie, each season I’ve rewatched the previous seasons multiple times (6, to date) and learn or notice something new each time. Battle of the Bastards and the Red Wedding (not the actual title) are two of the best, but too many great episodes to be honest. I think the Daario switch was most disconcerting, but its interensting when one goes back and rewatches that you note statements or actions that are pertinent that you might have missed at first. Cant wait for July! 😉

      Reply (in reply to Gracie)
  4. Keith Gatchalian

    Heh you forgot they recast Kaitlyn Stark as well.

  5. ESP1138

    I hate it when they recast a favorite character. It confuses the viewers and it makes it hard to follow the story. It’s so gay when they do that. They should have those actors bound to a contract so that they commit to the role.

  6. Laura Batten

    Thor is the second strongest man on earth – that title currently goes to Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall.


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