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Episode Recap: Season 6 Episode 5, “The Door”

The Kingsmoot Elects Euron Greyjoy, Theon And Yara Flee With The Fleet

via HBO
via HBO

The Kingsmoot in the Iron Island is under way and Yara presents herself as the next in line for the Salt Throne. Never has a woman ever led the Ironborn, but with the help of her brother Theon, the true heir to Balon, she presents a solid case that has most of them convinced. That is until the Crow’s eye himself, Euron Greyjoy, steps in and makes his claim, confessing to having murdered his older brother Balon along the way. His ruthless take no prisoner approach to uniting the Ironborn with Daenerys Targaryen’s army convinces them to elect him as their new leader. As he’s being baptized before the Drowned God, Yara and Theon steal the majority of the Iron Fleet and sail off away from Pyke.

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